Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges from EXATECH

Are you looking for the best companion in the kitchen? You wanna make your food done fresh and healthy? or you want to have a safe and convenient way of cooking? Well look no more because Fujidenzo cooking ranges from Excellent Appliance Technologies (EXATECH) have a wide range of cooking ranges for you. 

I understand what you want and they know you were on the tight budget, looking for a durable and quality cooking equipment and they also has stylish type of cooking ranges. From low to high prices, these characteristics is within Fujidenzo cooking range.

  1. Energy Efficient because they have double glass door oven and precision burner holes.
  2. Safety & Convenience because they have a full electric ignition and spill guard.
  3. Practical and Hygienic which has stainless steel cooktop, splashback feature.
  4. High grade stainless steel
  5. Made in Europe
  6. 100 service centers nationwide
  7. Available in 50cm, 60cm and 90cm
GR6312 RS with 60 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner-rotisserie, gas oven with grill, satina thermostat
GR6312 RSB with splashback 60 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner-rotisserie, gas oven with grill, satina thermostat
GR6312 RVSS  with 60cm in full safety valves, full stainless steel cooktop and body

ER5402 S  with 50 cm All electric cooking Range – metal cover, satina thermostat
ER 6402 RS with 60 cm 4 electric burner, elec oven, rotisserie, satina thermostat
GR5310 S with 50 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner with glass top, satina gas oven

GR5311 RS  with 50 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner with rotisserie, gas oven, timer with glass top
GR5400 S with 50 cm 4 gas burner w/ gas oven and grill function, metal cover

GR6403 RSB (Splashback 60 cm 4 gas burner, gas oven with grill, rotisserie, thermostat, cast iron – satina)

GR9425 RS (90cm Cooking Range, 4 Gas Burners, 2 Electric Plates

There you go,those Fujidenzo cooking ranges are all available and can purchase at all appliance store nationwide, but it is more convenient to check online and order as well. Check www.exatech.com.ph