Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enjoying Sunkist Orange Juice Drink

Recently I had a week of refreshing and pulpy drink every meal, because I discovered the Sunkist Orange Juice Drink. Before I had it, my meal companion's coffee and take note, its black coffee, but when I tried Sunkist later last year which I really love it. Moreover, an angel gave me 3 liters for me to enjoy more of Sunkist. And it never failed and now I always had it in my refrigerator and forget about coffee. And since my doctor advised me to lessen my coffee consumption due too much blood acidity diagnosis, Sunkist is so much helping me to be healthy and gain good blood condition.

Sunkist is a power brand recognized the world over for quality orange fruits. The taste is so right for me from sweetness to pulpy bites that is so real and refreshing, I really love it. I tasted the first brand of pulpy drink but Sunkist captured my taste buds reasonable enough to concur my refrigerator, for me and my hubby which is more health conscious than me. We're enjoying it everyday specially at dinner after a day of work. Thank you Angel for the reminder and thank you Sunkist for saving me.

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