Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Have To Get Rid of It

Christmas Holidays is already over and that means eating frequently stops. But it left me kilos of problems, the fats I'd accumulated these pass few weeks. So I think I have to start dieting now, but I don't even know how and when to begin at it.I once read that the best diet is to follow "everything in moderation" thingy. Moreover, do not eat until you feel hungry but not to the extent that you will starved yourself because it not really healthy anymore.

As a nurse dieting was been my constant enemy since I was in high school. There are times that I became successful of doing it like, the one when we plan to go to Boracay 2010 and my Wedding day. But since then, I always go back to chubby and bloated look. I do really sick and tired of having turns inside the circle. I should motivate myself to loss weight this year for two purposes; to have a baby and wear two piece at Caramoan beach on April. If you would like to lose weight, please check first with a doctor who has been to school for healthcare and knows how to guide you.

The clock is ticking and there's no other way I could stop it. But I can stop having this weight and to get rid of it then focus in achieving my goal this year. Its not for me, its for my family as well. Please help me God..

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