Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bloggers Buffet at Carol's Texan 5

Carol's Texan 5 offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila. If your looking for the best chicken and ribs meal like me, why dont you try Carol's Texan 5. Taste the sumptuous Texan Juicy Burger, Texan Grilled Chiken, Ultimate Texan Ribs, Texan Style Nachos, Dynamite Wings, Cowboy Roast Beef, Cheese Steak Texan Chicken, Calamares and Tomato Basil Pasta with Shrimp all in an affordable prices and generous servings. Im sure it will satisfy our gastronomical cravings.

Visit now and enjoy the best chicken and ribs at Carol's Texan 5 and you can have it delivered also within San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pioneer only. Services also includes event food booths, party trays for your special occasions and parties, they also have kiddie meal sets for kiddie events and gatherings, and they are also catering functions at Carol's Texan 5.

So many services and prepared menus that you can choice from that's why I wanted to part of the first bloggers buffet event to taste the sumptuous meal and review about it. Lots of my friend bloggers also encourages me to join for me to have a great introduction about my newly purchased domain foodiening.info for my food blog that I would be sharing with you soon. Moreover an opportunity for me to meet new bloggers and friends. Please support me on this as I support this event for bloggers.

Visit Carol's Texan 5 website HERE and Facebook fanpage HERE to know more about them and services they offered.

Carol's Texan 5 contact details and address:                         

Delivery: (02) 727.3843 / 0922.485.0154
Address: Carol’s Texan 5, 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan

Thank you so much TenMinutesTops! and ClubTravelNOW.org for this opportunity to join this wonderful event and more power.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Peoplescapes and a Sense of Place

What does it mean to have a “sense of place”?

It’s a sense of being connected to the land - and a feeling one gets about places that are unique making it special as compared to any other place. It’s like coming home to a place, even if you’ve just set foot on it for the first time.

It’s a rare thing to have nowadays, as the sense of place is diminished in landscapes that have been overbuilt by concrete and design that has no real sensitivity to its surroundings.

Trust Ayala Land Premier to bring back that sense of place to the booming residential areas in the South. As the name behind such respectable and distinctive developments as Forbes Park, Ayala Alabang, and more recently, Ayala Westgrove Heights, Ayala Land Premier has always been known to create spaces that have a strong sense of identity and community, while letting the essence of the landscape’s character shine through.

A sense of place is intrinsically linked to its people. At Ayala Westgrove Heights, the community has grown as diverse as the people who have created it. Landscapes are something any development has, but the 'peoplescapes' of Ayala Westgrove Heights are unique to it. Taken together with the development's landscapes, these peoplescapes complete a living proposition unique among all other developments.

Carefully planned to preserve the natural features of the terrain in the South, Ayala Westgrove Heights is a 400 hectare development that is one of the largest of its kind in the area. Now celebrating its twelfth year, the development is set to complete the Orchard Park-South in the second quarter of 2011.

The Orchard Park-South, stretching out over nearly seven hectares, is a landscaped park designed to showcase a mix of gentle, playful meadows, country trails, and orchards of fruit trees and flowers. While providing areas for comfort and relaxation of the residents, the Orchard Park has been designed carefully with a great amount of sensitivity to its natural environs so that inhabitants will feel connected to the land and enjoy that elusive sense of place.

While pathways traverse a landscape dotted with lawns for family activities, winding through the Orchard Park-South is a summer trail that becomes a meandering stream when the seasons change. Much of the Orchard Park is kept in its natural state, allowing its mature trees and its diverse birdlife to flourish.

When completed, the Orchard Park will provide Ayala Westgrove Heights another space where the members of the community can thrive and appreciate the unique landscapes -- and the human landscapes -- in which they live.

Contact person: Amor Maclang
Email: amor.maclang@geisermaclang.com
Mobile: 0918.894.4624
Voice: 632.403.4357/ 58
Fax: 632.403.3540

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Intel's Visibly Smart Moms

Intel has been in the Philippines since 1974 with its world-class Assemble and Test facility in Makati and opened its sales and marketing office in February 1997 to serve the growing PC consumer market and simultaneously developing & evolution, promoting and improving the level of PC technology within the Philippines. Intel is committed to the Philippines and the growth potential of its computer industry, and as part of this commitment they conducted a workshop for mom bloggers as their Mother's Day tribute for Filipino Mothers.

Yesterday May 18, the event was held at the Fullybooked Top Shelf area at Bonifacio High Street. Around 1PM the program was started after a sumptuous meal that we ate. Ms Jaye Bautista of Techie Momy Talks in Manila Bulletin talked about "How Technology Help Us Moms". I learned that aside from paid blog and vitual assistant which you can gained money by finishing the job, you can also filling out survey form and data entry and earned money from it. She also shares incites on how to raise a savvy kids, that is to sit with your kids and know the sites that they are visiting and guide them.

Then Ms Ciel Cena Uy of First Academy of Computer Arts introduces the creative way that a child can learn and have a better career opportunities in the future in the world of digital arts. Knowing and developing your children's own capability and artistic talents that can be use and fulfilled their dreams. They are offering free 3 hrs interactive workshop just call 898-2724 to 26 they also offering summer workshop for manga illustrations,junior digital photography,junior digital arts, junior 3D modeling and digital manga comics.

Lastly the talked from Intel Philippines Marketing Manager Mr Randy Kanapi discussed about "How to choose the right PC for you" which then started by lending us his knowledge about his expertise the computers. From basic for instance when comparing processors from different manufacturers, four cores or quadcore does not always provide better performance than dual core.  He said that Intel's always have a 2yrs cycle which means that they are offering a new products every 2 yrs. Are you experiencing Hour Glass Syndrome? Intel now with the family of processors tackling Hour Glass Syndrome head-on to help eliminate the wait , the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family. 

2nd Generation Intel Cores represents the biggest advance in computing performance and capabilities over any other previous generation.The new chips are the "visibly smart" microarchitecture to combine visual consumers, meaning dramatically improved PC experience, with overall better power management, greater efficiency and increased battery life.

For more information and details about the new products 'Like' them on Facebook HERE and visit the website HERE.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

DOH's Breastfeeding TSEK! Campaign

Preparing for a baby is a wonderful & enriching experience which should be enjoyed by the basic unit of the society, the family. One step at a time is very important in eveery process, from pregnancy of a mother until full-pledge individual can stand and live life on his own. To give a newborn a head start in life, give them a healthy and intelligent foundation for the first months of his life.

Breastfeeding is the feeding of an infant or young child with breastmilk, a mother's own way of providing nourishment for her newborn baby. Before 20th century it is a natural way of giving baby the enough food that they need.  It benefits both mother and child in so many ways such as: it takes a little more effort than formula feeding, it can save money, can feel great and prevent high risk of chronic diseases.

As a result, Philippine Department of Health launches the "Communication Behavioral Impact (COMBI) on Exclusive Breastfeeding for six months" which run through the end of August of this year.With a tagline "Breastfeeding TSEK (Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo)!" Campaign to encourage mothers to 'exclusively breastfeed' their babies and educate them about the benifits within, by reaching especially the expectant mothers primarily in lower-income areas.

Tama means immediate and appropriate breastfeeding within one hour after birth
Sapat means mother's milk is sufficient ( in nutrients and quantity) for the baby up to six (6) months
EKsklusibo means 'exclusive breastfeeding' for six (6) months, just pure mother's breastmilk only, not even water.

DOH Assistant Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial explained that an intensive promotion about the benefits of breastfeeding and the problems lies within is essential to disseminate mostly at the grassroots and lower-income levels which really needs assistance on this. By showing statistics through bar graphs sectors, regions and district in some parts our country do not reach the target data of having the breastfeeding mothers. Moreover chronic diseases are leveling up in the said places where milk formula are located. In addition, discussed also the palcing of milking stations on different institutions and establishment is very much appreciated and will make significant value for the campaign.

Likewise, the DOH Supervising Health Program Officer Dr. Anthony Calibo, emphasized breast milk is far superior than milk formulas which composed mostly of animal milk and additives that will worsen and take the babies life at risk especially in this developmental years. Added to that the nursing mother should have lactation support from the people that surrounds her to be able to admister right and productive breast milk for her baby. Dr. Calibo says that in breast milk 'dito ka talagang mapapanatag'.

There are so many projects and campaigns will be launch eventually but without the help of each and everyone of us in its own little way, share the information about breastfeeding, this advocacy will not materialized. So please participate in "DOH Breastfeeding TSEK" campaign for us to have a better individuals for the next generations. You can now check the DOH updated website HERE for more information and projects."Like" them on Facebook HERE.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

PMC Sticker Giveaway

PMC or the Pinay Mommy Bloggers is a community that strengthen the communication of Filipino Mommies worldwide and I am proud to be part of it. Moreover to tighten our bond, we have forums, tutorials, and of course contest and giveaways that inserts fun and make our community more enjoyable. Like Lovingly Mama is having right now, she is giving away PMC Stikers.

Together with Posh Post Reviews and Marriage Markers! giveaway made all this possible and all PMC members are so excited to grab it,including me obviously hehhe...


Friday, May 6, 2011

World Bloggers Day 2011 Manila

World Bloggers Day was celebrated all over the world last May 2 it aims to recognized all bloggers worldwide and brings noise to the world about blogging. This year the theme is "The Role of Bloggers". From Australia, Africa and Asia World Bloggers Day are all successful and well organized. In the Philippines particularly in Manila, Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland managed to gathered bloggers and held the event at SM Cubao, Cyberzone Area. The bloggers enjoyed the meet and greet session, in which, each and everyone introduces themselves and know the persons behind each blogs. I am greatful to attend this kinds of event to meet, collaborate and make friends and connections on and offline.

Thank you SM Cyberzone for the venue and Mang Inasal for our food and completing the event into one successful event.Thanks to everyone I met there..more to come.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Last Man Standing Experience

My Thumb Onto the Nissan Car

Last Friday April 29, I challenged myself up to the limit. I joined the " Last Man Standing Challenge" held and conducted at the Manila Ocean Park Concourse Area. The competition was sponsored by Nissan Motor Philippines that's why a brand new Nissan Sendra car is at stake for the last man standing participant. I am so motivated as well as my husband which was the one who's interested to join but it ended up the two of us are in the competition. The event was started at around 10AM medical team has arrived and check all the participants vital signs, a short briefing about the rules and regulation was reviewed, how to use the 3 biobreaks (5mins each) and a welcome and motivation talk from the officials of Manila Ocean Park and Nissan Motor Philippines and the competition proper was then begun at exactly 2:30PM.

42 Participants chooses where the thumb stickers be place (any part of the car) and stick our right thumb onto the car the whole duration of the competition. I myself chooses the one under the door handles because it is more comfortable for my height and it slightly slanting which is an  advantage for me to move my body in order. At  5PM, the facilitator gave us a challenge, that is, to eat a banana using our right hand holding it (thumbs still at the car) and the left hand peeling, we gained a prize of another biobreak on this. Then 9PM came the challenge is to stand in one foot, all our left foot are instructed to lift up and maintain that way until the end of the competition, if caught touching the floor or leaning to the other foot looses. Now this time it really breaks me, at around 11PM my right foot is aching and i cant stand to maintain it that's why I decided to use my biobreak to rest and have my dinner also. After 5 minutes, I ran to my place and position myself where I left it and immediately after another challenge was given that is to hold an orange fruit with lots of oil on it, then by 1AM the challenge the part which  I almost gave up because cant do it due fats on neck, the egg challenge, which was instructed us to hold on our neck.The egg is raw and it was slipping when placed on my neck because Im so full of sweat and to think that all of the challenges should maintain at once.So I used all the rest of my biobreaks to maintain my place on the competition .Many eggs are fallen, lots of them gave up due foot aching, but I said to myself  I have to make it at least until the 10th place for me to walk-head high after the competition.

Top 10 Winners of The Last Man Standing Challenge

Therefore after lots of prayers and moral support from my husband I captured the 9th place yeayyy..Were so happy and contented going home and I took 2 Alaxan FR tablets for me sleep and dream of driving a Nissan Sentra...Only in my dreamss....hehhe...